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:) [Oct. 3rd, 2005|11:48 am]
[Mood Output |mellowwarm]
[Audio Input |Groove Armada - At the River]

I don't want to go back to work tomorrow
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Farewell [Sep. 25th, 2005|11:09 pm]
[Mood Output |gloomygloomy]
[Audio Input |Ben Lee - Catch My Disease]

I know you're only going away for 5 months, but as </b></a>
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Back, but not for long [Sep. 9th, 2005|12:26 am]
[Mood Output |curiouscurious]
[Audio Input |Senor Coconut - Smoke on the water]

I'm back. well, I was back almost 2 weeks ago, but that's not the point.
First off, the pleasantries: (somehow i don't think that's spelt right..)
- Alice springs itself sucks, there's too many drunk Aboriginals.
- I climbed Ayres Rock, it's really cool
- I flew in a helicopter over a gorge. that was awesome (especially since the helicopter was like the one in M*A*S*H, I stuck my foot out \o/)
- I walked through heaps of gorges, canyons, ridges, valleys etc, and have come back with a want to walk more, but let's face it, i'll never get around to walking around here.

Anyway, I'm going away this weekend, so you'll have to suffer another weekend without me. Sorry to dissapoint :P

For those of you with Google Earth, i'll be here
For those of you without Google Earth, get it here

Once you have Google Earth, you can find The Steyne, The Mall, or even a Manly Ferry

Well, I've given you something to entertain you while i'm away, knock yourselves out.


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bbl [Aug. 20th, 2005|10:01 pm]
[Mood Output |relaxedrelaxed]
[Audio Input |Coldplay - Clocks]

Well, it's 10pm on a Saturday night, and i'm not out, i'm at home. Why? Because i'm flying out to Alice Springs early tomorrow morning.

It's a family holiday, probably the last one we'll go on, as these things usually cease to exist once you reach my age, and holidays with friends tend to take over.

Part of me really wants to go, but another part of me doesn't.
Part of me tells me that i've left work at a good time, because there are fights between people with OH&S Issues, and once I come back, I goto TAFE, instead of work.

But another part of me doesn't want to go. I'm missing a lot this week, Because although I miss out on all the OH&S fights, I also miss out on the updates to work safety that are results of those fights. I also miss out on receiving an order from an online store placed last week, and I miss the launch of an ATi graphics card at Homebush.

Also, I can't seem to find my normal discman, so i'll be resorting to the skipmaster. Most of you know it, but for those of you who don't, i'll fill you in; I have an old discman, probably had it since about year 7 or 8, and it doesn't have any skip protection whatsoever, thus everytime it was tapped, shaken, bumped or thrown, it would skip. It became infamous at swimming carnivals and athletics carnivals, as it would be someone's (usually Dazza) task to constantly skip it by tapping it.

Most of all, i'm gonna miss my mates (or sanity saviours, whatever you want me to call you), because as you folks know, a weekend in with the family isn't terribly exciting. and i'll be spending the next 8 or so days with just my family. So expect random crazy SMS' sometime during the week, provided I have mobile phone reception...

...If I don't have mobile reception i'm gonna be in trouble.

Well, I've gotta go, i'll be up and getting ready in a 6 short hours, so i'll see you all on the weekend of the 3rd-4th (maybe before, as I get back on the 28th), where I plan on having a massive weekend, to make up for the mind-numbing weekends with my parents. Probably Manly or my place, maybe both. So keep Saturday night free, and maybe friday too.



EDIT: It's 4:38, and i've found my normal discman. Hooray \o/
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Hmm [Aug. 12th, 2005|06:57 pm]
[Mood Output |bouncybouncy]
[Audio Input |Micheal Gray - The Weekend (Radio Edit)]

That last post was too depressing, i'll post a more upbeat one soon enough.

I can't wait for the weekend to begin
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BORING [Aug. 2nd, 2005|11:48 am]
[Mood Output |hungryhungry]
[Audio Input |Gorillaz - Don't get lost in heaven]

I'm at tafe, just surfing around while i'm supposed to be doing work, coz i'm ahead, so i'm helping everyone else between typing this.
I don't think anyone respects our teacher. which is good, coz then he just gives up and ignores us. hooray.

It looks like our TAFE teachers are having some meeting during lunch, which means we get a longer lunch. hooray. well, off to lunch..
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Disco Science [Jul. 28th, 2005|07:20 pm]
[Mood Output |relaxedrelaxed]
[Audio Input |Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence (Mike Shinoda Remix)]

Man, it's been a while since i've posted anything here. Anyway, on with the show...

It's been quiet at work this week, which hasn't helped my wandering mind at all. It's been influenced by music today, and here's how the day has gone:

Drive to work (6:45am - 7am) - My wake up mix, consisting of Groove Armada, Craig Armstrong, Rob Dougan etc. This got me off to a slow, relaxed start and ready for another day at work.

Early Morning (7am - 9am) - An unexplainable urge to listen to the Beastie Boys. In particular, their latest album - To The Five Boroughs. I could hear half the songs playing in my head.

Mid Morning (9am - 12pm) - These 3 hours were dominated by mobile phone ringtones, in particular, my boss' ringtone, which is the theme to that godawful beer VB.  It may not be a good beer, but it is an awesome jingle.
Another contender in the ringtone sessions, was my current ringtone, Faint, by Linkin Park. I don't know exactly why I bought this rintone, I mean, LP is my favourite band, but what posessed me to buy the ringtone still escapes me.

Lunch (12pm - 12:30pm) - I don't recall any music, although i'm sure there was some dance or techno or something, as there usually is during lunch. I tend to block that music out on day shift, but not on nights, dunno why.

Afternoon (12:30pm - 2pm) - My boss started iTunes up, and because his selection of music isn't all that bad, I spent the afternoon listening to a bit of Jet, while I worked.

The Final Stretch (2pm - 3pm) - The last hour is when work started coming out, and machinary started up, so the music took a back seat to the whirring of vacuums, drums, fans and gears

In my spare time, i've started playing the Battlefield 2 demo. It's really good fun. I suggest you try it, if your pc can handle it.

Cya round,

P.S. If anyone can tell me how to centre the image in the page, that'd be grand.

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New Top Gear [Jul. 6th, 2005|03:03 am]
[Mood Output |relaxedrelaxed]
[Audio Input |Depeche Mode - Nothing (Headcleaner Rock Mix)]

It was an epic episode, featuring a race from London to Oslo, in a McMerc SLR

"I wonder what the fastest anyone has ever been in the euro tunnel train... how tempting is it to... *accelerates* *brakes sharply* no, no, no, no. grow up"

"It is very late now, but i've got everything a man needs to stay awake. Pro plus, energy drink, coffee, Mrs. Thatcher, and six hundred and twenty six brake horsepower.  And none of it was working"

*superchargers wails*

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Boring Work Blog - The Sun Herald City To Surf 2005 [Jun. 21st, 2005|12:33 pm]
[Mood Output |highhigh]
[Audio Input |hahaha, music on day shift, that's funny]

Righto folks, everyone's favourite prepress apprentice here with a proposition for you all.

As you may or may not have noticed, the Sun Herald City to Surf is coming up in a few weeks time (14th of August to be exact)

Anyway, It has been a long time since I last entered, 8 years or so I beleive, and I've decided to enter again this year.
The question is, who will join me?

The Details are:
When: 9:30am - Sunday 14th August 2005

Start - College Street North (St Mary’s Cathedral side)
Finish - Bondi Beach


Cost: $30

More info at http://city2surf.sunherald.com.au/

Unlike the last 2 times i've entered, I plan on running, or at least jogging quickly through this Ciy to Surf, so it will be no easy task.
This in turn, means i'll be training, yes, training, for this. Hard to beleive? yeah, it is a little.

I already have one person who will be joining me, so If I can get at least one more person, we can form a team, with a wacky name and such.
If you want to Join me, let me know as soon as possible, as I want to send the entry form in on the 26th, which happens to be this Sunday.

So tell your friends! Call your Comrades! Pester your Pals! Inform your Inmates! and don't forget to call me before Sunday!

Edit: I was "high" because I had been using spray adhesive for the previous 3 hours
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Alcohol affeced 3am blog - Sidetracking ahoy! [Jun. 9th, 2005|02:54 am]
[Mood Output |contenttipsy]
[Audio Input |Craig Armstrong - Weatherstorm]

Drink Count: 2 woodstock blues

I'm sitting here, on my "middle child" of my computers at home, on dial up. yes, dial up. because of this lovely little message from TPG:

Sydney ADSL
Wednesday 8 June 2005, 9:29 AM
This outage will affect all users using @ppp.tpg.com.au A Backbone Maintenance will be carried out during the outage period.
Outage Started: Friday 10 June 2005, 2:00 AM AEST

Outage Window: It is estimated to last 6 hours

6 Hours!?! i'll have to goto sleep or something while I wait for it to come back online. Luckily, i've still got my TPG nite rider account.
The nite rider account is very special. It's not offered by TPG any more, and is completely free. No cost whatsoever.
The only strings are that It is only available from 1-7am, and it has saved me many a time.
I've had it since year 8 or so, Thanks to Kiel, and it has helped me download many a song or album, and now it's my lifeline to the outside world...
...well, not really, but you get what I mean.

As I speak, my Cats are running around like maniacs, trying to get into the plastic bag that contains my dirty fork from tonight's dinner: Pasta
I've had pasta all week, and frankly, i'm sick of it. but it is cheap, really cheap. Especially considering Mum and Dad pay for it, instead of me getting take-away every night.

What's been happening since my last blog I hear you ask? Absolutely nothing. My life is as boring as bat shit right now.
The only thing that keeps me sane right now is Top Gear. i've encoded DVDs for the whole of season 4 this week, i'm pretty proud about that. But when I went to Manly today to mee Sharee for lunch, I saw the price of labels for CDs; 50 bucks.
I decided that the discs weren't that special, and that i'll just write on them with texta.

I've also found a site that lists Top Gear music, i've been downloading that heaps. my music collection now includes a lot more NIN, Muse and Craig Armstrong than I ever thought it would, not that i'm complaining. This Craig Armstrong guy is tops, i'd even compare him to Rob Dougan, even though their music styles are slightly different.

hmm, Mum has just told me to goto bed, as i've kept her awake for a while, so i'll only be on for another 10 minutes or so.

Drink Count: 3 Woodstock Blues

I'm gonna be having a getogether at my place this Sunday, same deal as usual, so if you wanna come, gimme a call before Sunday, and i'll fill you in on the details.

I had heaps more to say, but i gotta goto bed now, or i'll get into more trouble

Night folks
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