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Kachow! [Oct. 19th, 2006|05:35 pm]
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Well here we go with the first of hopefully many photography posts.

Firstly, there's the equipment, consiting of (Left to Right):

Konica FT-1, Nokia 6233, Canon IXUS55 and Praktica LTL.
There is also the occasional photo care of TAFE's EOS 300D DSLR as well

The Konica I have just aquired recently, complete with 3 lenses;
A Fixed, Telephoto and Wide angle lens

The Nokia is obviously my phone

The IXUS is used mainly when I go out, and i'm still yet to pay mum for it :P

and the Praktica was dads when he was my age, up until now, it's been my main SLR camera. It's only got a fixed lens.

Now, on with the photos.

Firstly, from the IXUS:

and now for some Praktica Shots:

some Nokia shots:

and finally, some EOS shots:

A few notes: The EOS shots are that small due to imageshack automatically resizing them. They're all 3072x2048 normally.

And as for most of the Praktica shots, I was lazy when I scanned them in, so ignore all the little scratches etc. The photos themselves are perfect.

That's it for today folks, tune in next time for some more imagery!