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Rubbish Survey Thingy! [Dec. 20th, 2005|11:58 pm]
[Mood Output |boredbored]
[Audio Input |Timberland & Magoo ft. Missy Elliot - Cop That Shit!]

Reflection Survey
Birthday::20 April
Ethnicity::erm, Australian?
P.O.B::I'm assuming that's Place of birth. Sydney
Location Now::In front of my Computer, in my boxers
Occupation::Prepress Operator
Marital Status::Dating
Hair Length::Around my ears
Hair Color::Brown
Eye Color::Brown
Height::6ft 1sh
Anything you wish to add?:not really, no
Band::Linkin Park
Singer::Mike Shinoda
Song::Xzibit - Hey Now
Sound::V8 Engine caning it
Book::Andy McNab - Bravo Two Zero
Movie::Down Periscope
TV Show::Top Gear
Place to be::In my Car
Thing to do::Drive
Do You...
Smoke::I have before, but not for a while
Curse::like a fucking sailor
Have tattos::other than temporary ones, no
Have a lot of friends::I'd like to think I do
Get along with you parents::most of the time
Have Siblings::Unfortunately
Kiss on the First Date::I kissed twice in 5 months, do you really think i would on the first date?
Play and Instrument::I can play, but I can't instrument
Like School/Work::hell no
This or That
Junk Food or Health Food::Hmm, I wonder
Black or White::Black
Summer or Winter::Summer
Love or Lust::Love
Water or Soda::Fizzy Drink, damn americans
Pepsi or Coke::Coke, Lots of Coke
Mom or Dad::Both. and It's spelt mum!
Cat or Dog::Dog for sure
Boys or Girls::Girls, much nicer to look at
Romantic Night In or Wild Night Out::Romantic Night In
Night or Day::Day
Dark or Light::Light
Angel or Devil::Devil
Rock or Hip-Hop::Rock, Hip-Hop is good too though
Punk or Metal::Metal
Reality or Fantasy::Reality
Pen or Pencil::Pen. Afterall, it is mightier than the sword
Other Stuff
Dream Job::Racing Car Driver
Ever want to get married?:Yeah, one day, but not for a long while
Have kids::yeah, that too
Goals::get my CAMS Licence
Fears::Not being in control
What are you best at ::Farting
worst at::Lying about my flatulance
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